YSU Jambar: From best friends to rhythmic beats

Four friends from the Youngstown area had high hopes for their future in music. Individually, each man had his own creative skill set. Now, they are joining forces to find fame.

Jason Melidona, 28, works full-time as a part of the Geek Squad at Best Buy to support his 4-year-old son and pay his bills.

Melidona, also known as JayMel, is trying his hand in the hip-hop industry, and he won’t stop until he makes it.

“I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. I would have some things that I could do if I decided to give up the music, but music has taken center stage,” Melidona said.

His music was broadcast on a local radio station, 101.9 WRBP JAMZ, after winning the Home Jamz contest for best new single in 2009. As a prize, he traveled to New York to work on his career.

In 2009, Melidona also signed a contract with Josh Fisher and Lamar Christian, two of the four friends, which kick-started his career….Click To Read The Whole Article


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