August 2011

Slam Concert in Cincinnati

the Slam concert in Cincinnati that SELF DIPLOMA put on was super tight, a TONNNN of people… i wasn’t able to bring my dj, so DJ ETRAYN stepped in and killed it for me! i met DJ EV and DJ Clockwork after and they were super cool people.. the presenters loved the show and want to get me back soon, so i’m really lookin forward to getting on future shows inside this city!!






vexfest was pretty cool… minus the rain…i performed at 2:00 on the outdoor stage, and it decided to pour 30 seconds into my set, and 5 minutes after i was done it stopped!! i legit have the worst luck of all time..

they called me back to perform again later that night at Barleys and didn’t have to dodge a wired mic and wet stage so all was well….

thanks to everybody who came out!! keep checkin for updates, including new music + music videos!!


New Site, New New Music, New Videos

“This couldn’t have happened back in ’83. My parents didn’t even own a PC back then, you know that?” -JAY MEL

Welcome to the new site! Across the top you’ll find sections for JAY MEL’s event schedule, audio, video, etc. The featured stories section at the top center will give you a heads up about major JAY MEL news/announcements. The center panel will serve as a JAY MEL blog dedicated to his own career as well as any other random stuff he feels like posting on. The side bar provides quick and easy access to JAY MEL’s last mixtape– “Who is JAY MEL?”– as well as his latest Twitter and Facebook updates. Make sure to bookmark and stop back often!!


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